All In One Multi-Purpose Texturing Overlay Mix
  • Can be installed to vertical surfaces
  • Is excellent for use as a countertop overlay
  • Accepts all coloring and sealing products and application methods
  • Requires no “set up” or “skin over” time before stamping allowing you to complete jobs in less time
  • Retains detail from texturing stamps better than any other stampable overlay
  • Is vehicle traffic rated (excellent for driveways, garages, parking structures and auto dealerships)
  • Allows you to complete jobs faster which lowers your labor costs resulting in increased profits
  • 10 Year Warranty

Product Description

UltraCrete-TX10000 is an advanced technology multiple polymer modified cement requiring the addition of water only to produce a permanent bonding cement overlay coating suitable for all types of decorative coating and resurfacing for residential and commercial properties. It eliminates the need to inventory multiple “systems” for different texturing methods resulting in lower inventory levels saving you money. Mixes with water only eliminating the need to purchase and inventory separate liquid polymer additive. This also eliminates expensive accidental spillage and waste. It can be used for stamp texture, hard trowel texture, broom texture and spray texture (lace) application techniques. It has superior physical properties that result in a stronger bond and a harder surface than other overlays and will beautify the most demanding surfaces.
Applications include interior and exterior surfaces such as driveways, pool decks, patios, entryways, lobbies, retail stores, walkways, just to name a few.